I am a Glasgow-born visual artist, based in Dundee.

My current work is conceptual, with a focus on performance, video, and sculpture as a mode of critique. 

I have always explored art as a viable option for sharing our views and ideas, and a way to investigate our own preconceptions and internalised views about gender roles, race, disability, sexuality, and sexual violence.

Driven by personal expression and often drawing from my own lived experiences and observations, I examine components of social structure; culture, social class, status, roles, groups, and institutions. Aiming to subvert and critique the social system in which these structures are embedded, by tapping into a rich history of conceptual and performance art.

I explore what being a mother means to me by using my art practice to question my own internalised prejudices that are a result of generational and societal conditioning. It is important to me that I do not unconsciously interfere with my children’s construction of gender roles and perpetuate the normalisation of gendered violence.

As a mother, homemaker, and artist I am fascinated by the parallels between printmaking and the invisible, unpaid labour in the home, which motivates the reproduction of well-known visual and auditory signals that can be found in a domestic setting, and their rearrangement in new thematically layered installations and printing apparatus. Investigating the complex interplay between domesticity and fine art.

If you are interested in a piece of work, have any further enquiries, or want to have an art-related chat please do not hesitate to contact me via my Instagram or email me at art@lauriemcinally.com.